Curate Your Life.

I just read this article in the NYT about America’s most expensive house.

The developer of America’s most expensive house talks about how he is selling a curated lifestyle which struck me because I have been thinking about a curated life in a completely different and ‘Simplicity Sauce’ kind of context.  So, instead of paying big bucks to have someone curate an inauthentic life for you, why don’t you just:

Curate Your Life.

What does it mean to curate your life?
‘To curate’ means to take charge of or organize.  It typically is used in the sense of an art exhibit as in to curate a major new art exhibit. Curate can also mean to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation.
What if you thought about your life as a work of art?  How would you curate it?
What would you sift through; what would you select for presentation?
I have heard that savoring photos has changed since the advent of digital photography.  I have seen people take 12 shots of the same image and then not delete 11 of them.  It means we have thousands of photos which we don’t really want and don’t need to look at.
When was the last time you sifted through your photos to pick out the ones you would like to exhibit? Much less, print them out and hang them on a wall in a pretty frame?
We, Americans, have too much stuff.  We store it in storage units, basements, garages, closets.  We don’t sift through as we go along and select those things which we love, which we give a special place in our homes and lives.
This can also apply to how we present ourselves and how we spend our life’s precious energy; for what do we show up and for what do we stay home? But that will be discussed in another post for another day.
In the meantime, over the next few days, start on a path of curating your precious life.
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